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Customs Compliance - Air Sea Logistics

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Customs Compliance

Understanding and adhering to customs regulations is crucial for the success of international trade. Neglecting this critical aspect can lead to significant setbacks for your business.

Our Expertise in Customs Compliance

At Air Sea Logistics, we prioritise a systematic approach to ensure full compliance with customs regulations for our clients. Our services span across air, road, sea freight, aerospace logistics, warehousing & distribution, and customs compliance, providing a comprehensive solution for your logistical needs.

How We Ensure Compliance:

  • Guidance and Liaison with HMRC: We work closely with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to guarantee that the appropriate customs regimes are applied to your shipments.
  • Tariff Classification: Our team conducts thorough research to accurately classify your goods, creating a reliable database that covers extensive parts lists and ensures accurate declarations.
  • Third-Party Declaration Monitoring: We oversee third parties making customs declarations on behalf of our clients, eliminating the margin for error by providing detailed instructions for each declaration.
  • Electronic Record Keeping: Our system stores declaration data electronically, establishing a comprehensive audit trail. This data is accessible via secure, password-protected web access, enabling remote audits by both our clients and HMRC.
  • Non-Conformance System: We maintain high accuracy levels and accountability through a non-conformance system, implementing sanctions for discrepancies, in agreement with our clients.
  • Customised Reporting: Tailored, statistical reports are generated from our system for client review, accessible online for convenience.

Benefits for Our Clients:

Our meticulous approach not only strengthens our clients’ standing with HMRC but also reduces the regulatory burden on their operations. We often identify savings opportunities for our clients, making our customs compliance services not just a necessity but a strategic advantage in international trade.

At Air Sea Logistics, we’re dedicated to enhancing your customs compliance processes, ensuring smooth and efficient trade operations. Contact us to learn how our expert customs compliance services can benefit your business.