Customs Compliance

Compliance with customs regulation is an essential facet of international trade. Ignoring it will, sooner or later, have a negative impact on your business.

We take a systemised approach to maintaining compliance for our customers. This involves guidance, and liaison with HMRC, to ensure that the correct customs regimes are employed. Tariff classification is exhaustively researched to create a reliable database for even the longest of parts lists. We police third parties making declarations to Customs on our clients’ behalf. The scope for human error is removed by issuing detailed instructions for each declaration. The collection and electronic storage of declaration data creates an audit trail and, by password protected, web based access, remote audit is possible for both our clients and HMRC. A non conformance system maintains a high level of accuracy, with sanctions against miscreants agreed with clients. Tailored, statistical reporting can be culled from the system and can again be made available to clients via the web.

The compliance levels achieved serve to enhance our clients’ relationships with HMRC and to lessen the regulatory load. Our approach is cost conscious and generally results in savings to clients through the adoption of best practice.